Tripropylene glycol TPG(N202)
                                    Ethoxy TMP EO-TMP
                                    Levelling agent O(Peregal)
                                    Antistatic Agent P
                                    TWEEN T-60

                                  Levelling agent O(Peregal)

                                  [Chemical composition ]: fatty alcohol ethylene oxide . Structural formula: RO(CH2CH2O)nH
                                  Appearance: milk white or off-white paste
                                  Solubility: soluble in water , soluble more easily in cold water than in hot water.
                                  Ionization : nonionic surfactant.
                                  PH: neuter in 1% aqueous solution.
                                  Performance: it has good dispersing and leveling ability ,permeability,diffusibility and it is an excellent oil/water emulsifier.
                                  Stability: acid-proof, alkali, hard water and metallic salt resistive, heat-proof .
                                  Mixed properties : it can be mixed with various surfactant and dye,.
                                  Appearance? milky white , off-white paste or solid PH 68? Cloud point 91-96
                                  [Usage]: Used as auxiliary agent of leveling dyeing, disperse, penetration, wetting and washing. Used as colour stripper and resistant, or emulsifier and material of fine chemicals. Dosage: 0.20.5 g/L, 0.020.1 g/L, O 13%, and 14%

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